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Dental and orthodontic services offered at Smiles on Sparks in Ottawa


Dental & General Dentistry
We are proud to say that we are your comprehensive destination for all your oral care needs.  Very seldom do we need to refer outside of our own practice.

Dental & Smile Evaluation

Your smile is what makes the first impression. Stop by for a complimentary smile evaluation appointment.

Dental & Extractions
Most extractions can be done right here in our office under local anaesthesia. This includes impacted wisdom teeth.

Damon Braces & Clear Braces
The Damon™ system is passive self-ligating (which eliminates the elastic ties).  This system moves teeth faster and requires fewer adjustments.  It is also more hygienic than other systems. Read more about Ottawa Damon™ Clear Braces…

We have been providing Invisalign® for over a decade in Ottawa.  We were one of the city’s first providers.  This is a great system, though it has its limitations.  Teeth are moved using a series of removable aligners. Read more about Ottawa Invisalign®…

Behind-The-Teeth Braces
In this system, low-profile braces are worn on the lingual side of the teeth.  Sometimes, we align only the front teeth, and sometimes the entire arches. This is more technique-sensitive for the dental team.  It is typically more costly to the patient, owing to high laboratory fees and increased chair time. Read more about Ottawa Behind-the-Teeth Braces…

Dental implants are the new standard of care for tooth replacement. They are secured into the bone to provide permanent support for crowns and dentures. We are pleased to provide both the surgical and restorative aspects to your implant procedure. Read more about Ottawa Implants…

Sports Appliances
The performance appliance is made to a customized thickness recorded by a bite registration at the athlete’s optimal neuro-muscular inter-arch position to realize the athlete’s potential for maximum strength, balance and coordination. Read more about Dental Sports Appliances…

TMJ Therapy
Temperomandibular disorder, aka TMD, is a complex condition with symptoms that can include – TMJ sounds such as clicking, grating and popping, facial pain, limited lower jaw mobility, chronic headaches and neck pain. The cause can be multifactorial.

Root Canal Therapy
When the nerve of a tooth becomes infected or traumatized, it is sometimes necessary to perform endodontic therapy, aka, root canal. In doing so, we can save the tooth and prevent the need for an extraction. Read more about Root Canal Therapy…

Gum Grafting
When loss of soft tissue surrounding the teeth receeds, this can cause root hypersensitivity to cold and sweet as well as being unsightly. In North America, statistics reveal that one quarter of persons aged 30 and over have at least one tooth with at least 3mm of recession.

Snoring Appliances
Do you snore or suffer from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)? Did you know that an appliance worn while sleeping can help stop snoring and in certain cases replace the need for a CPAP?