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What Our Ottawa Patients Are Saying

Testimonial from Jen…

My name is Jen, I’m 29 years old, from Gatineau, QC and I’m a patient of Dr. Halpin’s. A few years back I had gone to see two different Orthodontists who had both told me when getting braced I’d have to have 4-6 teeth pulled out and one even said my jaw would need to be broken. Scared off, I didn’t think about braces again until I decided to hop into Dr. Halpin’s office and see what he had to say.
Getting my appointment for a consultation was fast and free. The actual consultation wasn’t a five minute thing either, I was there for almost an hour. Dr. Halpin told me the chances were very slim in having to remove any teeth (apart from my wisdom teeth) and that there was no way I’d have to get my jaw broken. He actually couldn’t believe I’d been told this by another professional.

Dr. Halpin told me there would be no pain in this process and he was right. A few years later (now), I’m almost done with my ortho/braces and have been completely satisfied and am anxious to see the final results. Dr. Halpin and his staff are making 100% sure everything’s in place before we remove the braces. I guess sometimes being a perfectionist is a good thing.
Not only have I gone to Dr. Halpin for ortho, but also for my usual check-ups and cleanings. Everything in one place is great, especially to combine my ortho appointments with a cleaning. I’ve enjoyed every visit because of the friendly and professional staff as well as Dr. Halpin’s sense of humour and enthusiasm.

I highly recommend Dr. Halpin and his staff if you’re looking for any ortho treatments or if you’re looking for a new dentist.

Testimonial from Tracy L…

For over 20 years I have endured the effects of TMJ, namely jaw pain, tinnitus, constant jaw clicking, locking and headaches. I have avoided treatment fearing invasive surgery, aggravation, ineffectiveness and expense. On the recommendation of a colleague, I saw Doctor Halpin.  After a thorough review of the history of my health issues, he recommended a TMJ Splint. Once my splint was in place, I felt almost immediate remission of my TMJ pain and symptoms.  I have had no discomfort or aggravation, in spite of the splint having to be in place 24 hours a day.

I highly recommend Doctor Halpin and I look forward to the long-term results and my continued treatment with him and his team.  They have provided me with outstanding, affordable dental and patient care.

Tracy L.


I love the concept that you know us by our first names. I appreciate the review from the previous appointment. Most importantly, I am pleased with the gentleness when you are working in my mouth!!! Thanks again!

Testimonial from Kim M…

Previous to Dr. Halpin’s complete tooth restoration (28 crowns) I had severe discoloration of my teeth from tetracycline staining. In addition I had severe sinus problems, snoring, jaw pain, tooth pain and sleeping problems. Dr. Halpin recommended the complete crown implementation, which helped create a proper bite and jaw alignment.
My main interest was whiter teeth but Dr. Halpin also explained the benefits towards my other problems. Now after having 28 crowns put in by Dr. Halpin, I have an incredible SMILE!
I never realized before how little I would smile with my grey teeth, now I feel like a movie star, smiling and flashing my beautiful teeth. A huge bonus is I no longer have jaw pain, I don’t snore as much and breathing and nasal problems are non-existent. My new crowns were the best investment I have ever made and Dr. Halpin did such an amazing job that other dental professionals commented on his work.

Many thanks to Dr. Halpin and his staff.

Excellent all together!

Dr. Halpin and his staff are extremely good. They are pleasant and the service was first rate. Excellent all together!

Red carpet experience…

Originally I visited Dr. Halpin for orthodontics. I was well educated on the costs, benefits, and results expected from various orthodontic systems. Choosing the correct orthodontic system by a well informed decision making process, Dr. Halpin and his staff have changed my business, confidence, appearance, and life for the better. Having recieved nothing less than a red carpet experience everytime I visited, I have and still will recommend Dr. Halpin and his staff to everyone looking to get their dental procedures done right. Thank you everyone at Smiles on Sparks.

Testimonial from and old customer…

I am an old customer who really likes the job and quality of the team at ‘Smiles on Sparks’ aka Dr Halpin’s office.

Testimonial from Kim…
OMG!! OK, so I don’t know who reads these emails so this is directed to Dr. Halpin so please let him know that the serious and severe sensitivity issues I was having, is pretty much gone!!! I am in awe of this treatment. Curious still to know how the internal stitches come out…..hmmmm.

Anyway, Kim is one happy camper. I feel very comfortable saying tell him I owe him a drink or a coffee.

Kim :))