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Damon Braces

Self-ligating brackets to produce amazing results

Arch development without palatal expander

The Damon™ System is a new concept in orthodontic treatment. Conventional treatment plans often include removal of healthy teeth and/or the creation of space by palatal expansion appliances. This approach takes more time, is often uncomfortable and can result in a flat facial profile and narrow smile. A Damon™ smile is natural and full. Using light, biologically-sensible forces typically achieves a 10-tooth display smile. All Damon™ arches finish as a Roman arch as opposed to a Gothic or chevron arch shape. The goal is to improve the overall facial result.

Faster treatment, less time, fewer appointments

Consistant high-quality results are the reality because of the passive, self-ligating braces. This means that elastic ties are not needed to hold the wire in the bracket slots. Thus less friction and faster tooth movements. Light, high-technology shape-memory wires are used. A comparative study has shown that Damon™ Braces finish an average of over seven months quicker than traditional braces. The study also stated that fewer than half as many appointments were required for adjustments, wire changes, etc.

Best results with the Damon™System

The popularity and well-advertised removable clear aligners may seem like a tempting alternative. The reality is that aligners often use greater force and aren’t as efficient as the Damon System. Whether your smile needs minor adjustments or more extensive improvements, aligners take longer. Also it is very challenging using aligners to widen narrow arches, reduce excessive overbites and effect arch alignment. In most cases, aligner treatment plans involve removing or slicing off the sides of many teeth in order to make room to align crowded teeth.

Greater comfort

No more tightening. Throughout treatment greater comfort because of the sliding mechanism to move teeth. Less force, less friction. Most patients experience little or no discomfort from start to finish Patients repport 60 percent less. Because of the gentle pressure the blood flow to the tissues is not interrupted. The smile broadens gradually like a flower blooming. Patients don’t usually feel pressure because it’s so light.
The brackets themselves are low-profile and smaller than the customary types. Without elastics holding the wire in the slots they are less noticeable to the inside of the lips and are smaller.

Space-Age technology

Each Damon™ bracket is chosen specifically to work with the succession of specially-ordered memory wires to position its respective tooth to the ideal position to create a smile to be envied by others.

Appearance during treatment: Now Damon™ clear braces

The smaller brackets without the elastic ties display less metal. In many cases of treatment Dr. Halpin can use clear braces which are of course metal-free.

Look at the face so don’t extract for the space

Most case are treated without extraction. Our goal is to achieve a full smile of great tooth display which compliments a youthful, healthy appearance.

No more “jaws too small and teeth too big so therefore extract to make space”

Clinical studies have shown that Damnon™ braces are nore effective in correcting severe crowding.  Seldom do we extract. We don’t just to create space because we can unscrambled even the most crowded cases. Extraction usually results in a smaller, less full mouth and lips. Sometimes patients, especially of certain ethnics desire this to “look more western”.