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Dental Sports Appliances

Protect Your Teeth From Impacts 

Smiles on Sparks with Dr Halpin is Ottawa’s destination for Sports Mouth Guards and Sports Performance Appliances for all types of sports.

Sports Mouth Guards and Sports Performance Appliances

Dr Halpin has played competitive hockey for Acadia University, the University of Western Ontario, and professionally in Europe.  He has been making and using these for decades.  He has made mouth guards and appliances for amateur and pro athletes, including CFL and NHL players.

The protective type most commonly made involves vacuum-forming material over a model made from an impression of the upper teeth.

The performance appliance is made to a customized thickness recorded by a bite registration at the athlete’s optimal neuro-muscular inter-arch position to realize the athlete’s potential for maximum strength, balance and coordination. Both an upper and lower teeth arch impression are made.  The fabrication design is done with or without protection from trauma.  This position is used also for athletes such as professional  baseball players,  swimmers, golfers, volleyball players, Olympic-style weightlifters, as well as those playing contact sports.  Dr. Halpin has had extensive training in neuromuscular dentistry.

With his experience both as an athlete and a provider of dental care he highly recommends the use of an oral appliance. This includes for old or young  recreational or competitive athletes who wear full facial and chin shields. Concussions and tooth breakage often results from an upward blow to the chin.