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Root Canal Therapy

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A tooth cavity (carious lesion) can enlarge and deepen to a level which could infect the nerve. Often this is incredibly painful.  Traumatized teeth can also suffer nerve damage. When the nerve of a tooth becomes infected or traumatized, it is sometimes necessary to perform endodontic therapy  a.k.a.  root canal therapy.

In doing so,  the tooth can be saved instead of the need for an extraction.  This involves cleaning out the inside of the crown and roots of the teeth, and filling them with a rubber-based material. The tooth is then restored either with a basic filling, or in most cases, with a crown to protect the tooth from future breakage.

Pain relief is usually instant, at the time the root canal treatment starts.  Front teeth usually have one root canal to treat. Back teeth have usually two to four canals, so treatment time would be longer and more involved.

Dr. Halpin uses state-of-the-art rotary instrumentation and warm gutta percha with fast digital radiography to efficiently treat those troubled teeth. The myth of painful root canal treatments should not deter a patient from seeking professional advice. Often patients doze off during treatment. Don’t wait for infection that gets out of control.