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Our Smile Gallery

We create beautiful smiles!

Without exception, each group of photographs in our gallery is an actual representation of Dr. Halpin’s treatment.
No photos have been altered or modified in any way. Most cases involve orthodontics by using either the Damon™ or Damon™ Insignia systems or Invisalign® or similar progressive aligner systems.

Patient 1

NO SURGERY. Other specialists insisted she needed surgery to advance mandible. Treated by Dr. Halpin in eleven months of treatment!

Patient 2

No extractions. Upper midline alignment. Lateral incisor brought into ideal position. Use of Damon system and temporary bone screw anchorage.

Patient 3

Adult Class 2, div 2 deep bite. 24 months of treatment.

Patient 4

Deep bite, crossbite, large central diastema (space) and mandible shift all resolved by orthodontics only.

Patient 5

Bimaxilliary protrusion and lip incompetence case resolved finishing with beautiful broad smile. Extractions required even though no crowding.

Patient 6

Note distilization to effect class 1 on right.  New crown on lateral incisor.

Patient 7

Lingual braces. No compliance problems.

Patient 8

Gum grafting. Allograft technique (not from palate).

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