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Our Smile Gallery

We create beautiful smiles!

Without exception, each group of photographs in our gallery is an actual representation of Dr. Halpin’s treatment.
No photos have been altered or modified in any way. Most cases involve orthodontics by using either the Damon™ or Damon™ Insignia systems or Invisalign® or similar progressive aligner systems.

Patient 41

Very deep bite and short lower face height. Treatment included non-surgical eruption of lower buccal segments.

Patient 42

Patient 43

Arch development to allow room to resolve crowding. Non-extraction.

Patient 44

Severe crowding resolved without extractions.

Patient 45

Ten-month treatment.

Patient 46

Extreme crowding resolved.

Patient 47

Non-metal crown.

Patient 48

NO SURGERY. Other specialists insisted she needed surgery to advance mandible. Stable years after treatment. Resolved TMJ pain and limited range of motion.

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