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Our Smile Gallery

We create beautiful smiles!

Without exception, each group of photographs in our gallery is an actual representation of Dr. Halpin’s treatment.
No photos have been altered or modified in any way. Most cases involve orthodontics by using either the Damon™ or Damon™ Insignia systems or Invisalign® or similar progressive aligner systems.

Patient 9

Facial profile improvement. Bicuspid extractions

Patient 10

Posterior crossbite and anterior openbite. Resolved without surgery or appliances.

Patient 11

Arch development with space created for lateral incisors.

Patient 12

This patient transfered to Dr. Halpin who rearranged bracket positioning. Note ideal smile arc after treatment.

Patient 13

Canine brought out of crossbite and resolution of deep bite.

Patient 14

Treatment using only brackets and wires.

Patient 15

Lingual braces. No compliance problems.

Patient 16

Arch development accomplished without palatal appliance.

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