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To create a beautiful smile

Completely Invisible-nothing attached to outside of teeth
The desire to improve one’s smile is often disturbed by the thoughts of wearing visible brackets and wires. Behind-the-teeth braces such as the Incognito™ or Alias™ system are now better than ever. Instead of traditionally having the brackets and wires on the labial (facial) side, they are attached to the inside of the teeth. Thus they are completely hidden. They can`t contribute to visible white or brown spots. Certain celebrities have smiled for the cameras without revealing the secret of a great smile. When treatment is finished, there is no damage to the outside of the teeth at bracket removal.

Better Aesthetics than Progressive Aligners (Invisalign®)

Invisalign® is great for many short-term and limited orthodontic cases but it is not completely invisible. The trays or worn over the teeth. Often attachment buttons can be seen. In the cases where aesthetics is of concern, the system of Behind-the-teeth braces is the better choice.

Better mechanics than Invisalign® so can treat more difficult cases

Arch development, vertical and issues (e.g.  deep overbite) crossbites, severe rotations are problems that are best treated with brackets and wires. Invisalign® is very limited in what it can achieve. Behind-the-teeth braces are faster, have less pressure and can correct much more.

Superior design for comfort and speed

The brackets are now fabricated very small with a low profile which has limited infringement on tongue space. As well as the custom-made Incognito™ system, Dr. Halpin offers Alias™ which is the and significantly faster treatment time.

The combined efficiencies of Straight wire and passive self-ligation allows achievement of great results without the compliance and compromise of progressive aligners.